We Carry the Best Brands in HVAC

At Hometown Heating and Cooling, we’re proud to carry the best products in the industry for our Woodstock & Ingersoll HVAC customers. We strive to bring you the HVAC products that will serve you well both now and in the years ahead. We carry many fine Canadian brands as well as a large variety of HVAC and related units. Our goal is to make sure you have the products you need and want to make your home as pleasant and inviting as possible.

Whether you’re replacing an older furnace or adding a gourmet gas BBQ grill, we always seek to provide the best-quality products so you can create the environment you want in your home. We’ve selected these brands for their great performance, efficiency, and reliability. Each of our brands stands behind their products to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Furnaces and Air Conditioners

We carry furnaces and air conditioners from American Standard, a leading brand in the home comfort sector. Because of their reliable, high-performance products, we feel confident recommending their furnaces, air conditioners, and related products. In addition, we offer Napoleon furnaces and air conditioners the only Canadian made HVAC brand to keep your home comfortable all year long.


Napoleon is our primary supplier for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. These fireplaces are as beautiful as they are functional, bringing both physical and visual warmth to your home inside and out.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

From LIFEBREATH we offer Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems. These units are designed to improve your indoor air quality, and this excellent company makes the best HRVs available for your home.

Humidification Systems

Humidifying your home is essential if you want to protect your health and improve your home environment. That’s why we’re happy to carry humidification products from Desert Springs Products. Their humidifiers are uniquely designed to provide great water efficiency and excellent performance.


If you’re looking for the most advanced thermostat for your home, you’ll be glad to know we do carry Ecobee thermostats. These include many different models, including a smart thermostat that you can control with your voice.

Water Heaters

Navien is our go-to supplier for tankless water heaters. We can bring you many different models of water heaters from this extremely reputable company. When you have a superior tankless system, you have water when and where you need it.

Pool Products

For those with a swimming pool at their home, we carry a full line of Hayward Pool Products. From pool pumps to pool automation, Hayward products make maintaining your pool a breeze. Raypak is another of our outstanding pool products manufacturers, offering pool and spa heaters to make your swim more pleasant and enjoyable.

Gourmet Grills and Outdoor Products

Those who want to truly enjoy their backyard love the products we carry from Green Mountain Grills. These wood-fired and pellet grills are just what you need to step into your happy place.

Gourmet grilling is at your fingertips with the grills we offer from Saber Grills. These units have phenomenal design, exceptional performance, and the stunning look to make you feel like a professional BBQ master. Napoleon also produces great outdoor products and gourmet grills to turn your backyard into a party space.

Our Brands

These are the selected brands that we recommend with our quality work

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