Traeger Grills

Wood Pellet Grills & BBQ Smokers

Traeger Grills are the ultimate wood pellet  grills. We carry Traeger grills only in Woodstock to enhance your outdoor areas and bring a little added pleasure into your life. These grills make cooking simple and even allow you to access your grill on the go with WiFIRE control. Traeger grills offer 6 versatile options that allow you to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ food all with the same Traeger grill. You can smoke a rack of ribs low and slow, or grill a wood-fired pizza hot & fast, and even bake a berry cobbler.

Traeger Grills have advanced technology that gives you more control over the cooking process, too. Traeger’s WiFIRE® technology gives you control of your grill from anywhere. Whether you’re on the couch, running errands, or at the game, take command of your grill with the WiFi controller and Traeger app. Using your smartphone, you can monitor temperatures, set timers, receive alerts, and use custom recipe cook cycles.

Traeger’s D2® Direct Drive is the brushless motor and drivetrain powering the grills. The newest line of Traeger® grills now run on direct current (DC) vs. alternating current (AC) power. This allows the grill to vary the speed of the auger and even go in reverse if needed. This variable speed lets you maintain a consistent temperature in any weather condition (even below freezing temps)

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Do you want to build a reputation as an elite gourmet chef? When you choose Traeger Grills, you get a wood pellet grill that really looks the part. The sleek design and construction create a look that will impress your friends every time. You’ll also find it easier to cook delicious foods that are done to perfection. You’re on the right path to grilling success with your choice of Traeger Grills!

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