Finance Your Home Comfort System the Easy Way!

Getting a new home comfort system in Ingersoll, London or Woodstock is a significant investment but it doesn’t have to cramp your style. While squeezing heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems into your budget could be a real challenge, with SNAP, it doesn’t have to be a struggle at all. SNAP is a financing solution endorsed by your local dealer that we offer for our Ingersoll, London and Woodstock HVAC customers. With SNAP, you can enjoy the comfort of warmth in the winter, cool in the summer, and clean, humidified air all year round. We can give you the credit you need to get started right away with a new furnace, air conditioner, or other fine HVAC products instead of putting it off until someday.

Complete Financing Solution

What you need is a complete financing solution. This program has you covered! The SNAP program offers 100% financing for any of the systems we carry. By taking advantage of this program, you open up a wider range of product options for yourself so you can get the system that’s going to be the most cost-effective, efficient, and make your home into the perfect haven of comfort. You won’t have to put the system together a piece at a time, because this program will allow you to have everything you need for pure comfort right now.

Quick, Simple Application

Have you ever tried to take out a loan and been faced with difficult questions or reams of paperwork? If so, you’ll appreciate the quick and simple process of applying for SNAP. We help walk you through the application on the spot. You’ll get the decision in minutes and be ready to move forward with your new installation. Yes, it’s really that easy!

Flexible Payment Options

SNAP is perfect for homeowners who want to finance their systems in the most advantageous way for their unique situation. You don’t need to pay a down payment, and you can pay off the loan any time without incurring penalties for early payment. Choose from options like a no interest, no payment loan program or a low monthly payment program to stay within your budget in whatever way works best for you. You can pay with simple deductions from your bank account and take up to 12 years to pay.

Let the Savings Begin!

There’s no time as good as right now to get your home comfort systems in order. Remember that every moment your old, inefficient furnace or AC runs, it’s eating up more energy than needed to keep your home comfortable. By moving forward with a SNAP loan to get the new unit you need now, you can start saving money on your utility bills right away. The loan gives you the power to minimize your heating and cooling costs immediately. And, SNAP payments are so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to take charge of your home comfort systems.

Get Started with a Free Estimate

Now is the time to reach for the best HVAC systems and performance of your life. It’s easy to get started with HHC’s free estimate. After discussing your situation with you, we explain what we can do and give you a very accurate estimate of the costs for repair, products, and installation. Then, once you decide to go forward, we set up an appointment, arrive on time, and fulfill our promises for high-quality HVAC services that you can rely on now and continue to benefit from in the years to come.

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